When you discover your calling in life, seize it with both hands and never, ever let go. 


Fortunately for me the decision to leave a well paid role in a totally different sector turned out to be the (second) best one of my life. When I discovered film making and VP I discovered the vocation that had eluded me whilst I was pursuing cold hard cash. Don't get me wrong, getting paid is important, but having a job thats a constant passion is way beyond a pay cheque. When you can marry success at work with a job that makes a difference, you've got all the keys you need.

Although you do get a lot of late nights.

My core values are this: I believe beautiful, well produced video pays dividends. I believe in offering Clients a real, genuine, tangible ROI which makes them more successful and brings them back to me or leads them to recommend me to their network. 

My energy and enthusiasm, my belief in what I can do for you is what keeps me challenged, keeps me interested and has led to me working all over the world. I want to change your business for the better through the power of video. 

Lets do it.